On-Ramps to Full Professor

The On-Ramps program is specifically geared toward supporting the research productivity of Associate Professors to accelerate their progression to Full Professor. The program is part of UMBC’s on-going commitment to creating work environments that are family friendly and encourage career-life balance for our faculty.


Research Acceleration Grant Program

Through On-Ramps, the Office of the Provost has funded two cohorts (2015-2017) and (2019-2021) of Associate Professor faculty with Research Acceleration Grants. Participants submitted a Current CV, Research Acceleration Plan, and Letter of Support from department Chair/program Director to apply for carefully calibrated support that may consist of:

  • Course releases to provide additional time to devote to research;
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Research Assistant (RA) support (up to 20 hrs/week) to accelerate the production of impactful research outcomes;
  • Travel grants (up to $1200) for research dissemination and professional networking in venues considered appropriate for facilitating promotion to full professor within the field;
  • Intensive individual guidance from a Research Writing Coach in the assessment and development of translating work into manuscripts, conference papers, publications, grant proposals, conference presentations, licenses and contracts.