Natural Sciences Pre-Professoriate Fellowship Program

The College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences (CNMS) at the University of Maryland,
Baltimore County (UMBC) is dedicated to ensuring a diverse, scholarly environment, and
encouraging outstanding individuals to enter the academic profession. The purpose of the
program is 1) to support promising scholars in experimental sciences who are committed to
diversity in the academy and to prepare those scholars for possible tenure track appointments
at UMBC, 2) to support departments and programs in their efforts to enrich their intellectual
communities through the increased representation of diverse perspectives in research,
teaching, and service, 3) to provide our students with access to diverse perspectives and
learning opportunities in the laboratory and classroom in preparation for the globalized 21st
century economy. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from individuals who
are members of groups that historically have been underrepresented in the professoriate.
Departments and programs are strongly encouraged to recruit individuals at conferences and
through other professional contact and networks to apply for the fellowship.

Please contact the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNMS) for more information.