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UMBC OutList

UMBC’s OutList represents faculty and staff members who self-identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer and have chosen to be included on this virtual space. The OutList promotes greater visibility of the LGBTQ community and reflects the commitment to diversity and inclusivity at UMBC. If you would like add your name to this list, please send an email to For information about the UMBC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Faculty and Staff Association (LGBTQ FSA), see our website at



abeleEric Abele
Josh Abrams
Assistant Director and Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Student Services
College of Engineering and Information Technology
Barr_JillK. Jill Barr
Senior Assistant Dean
Graduate School Enrollment Management
Bowman_KeithKeith Bowman
College of Engineering and Information Technology
Brodsky_AnneAnne Brodsky
Brown_KateKate Brown
Associate Professor
Julia Celtnieks
Recruitment Coordinator
Graduate School
David S. Clurman David S. Clurman
Assistant Director
Office of Residential Life
Doug Copeland
Community Director
Residential Life
Corris Davis
Office of Academic Opportunity Programs
Erica D’Eramo
Assistant Director
Center for Women in Technology (CWIT)
Drabinski_KateKate Drabinski
Senior Lecturer
Gender & Women’s Studies
Dress_JenJen Dress
Assistant Director
Student Life
Elle Everhart
Program Management Specialist 

Gender and Women’s Studies
Felipe Filomeno
Assistant Professor
Political Science and Global Studies
Erika Fountain
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Psychology Department
Tyler Fultz
Community Director
Residential Life
HagerAmberAmber Hager
Staff Psychologist
Counseling Center
Hamby_DougDoug Hamby
Associate Professor, Dance Director
Linehan Artist Scholars Program
Christine Hawn
Assistent Professor
Geography & Environmental Systems
Beck Hertl
Library Services Specialist
Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery
Courtney C. Hobson
Program Coordinator
Dresher Center for the Humanities
April Householder
Undergraduate Research and Prestigious Scholarships
Jones_CollierCollier Jones
Campus Portal Architect
Information Technology
Kars_MarjoleineMarjoleine Kars
Associate Professor
Kelber_Kaye_JodiJodi Kelber-Kaye
Associate Director
Honors College
Leisey_KimKim Leisey
Associate Vice President
Student Affairs
McCully_SusanSusan McCully
Senior Lecturer
Theatre and Gender & Women’s Studies
McDonough_SusanSusan McDonough
Assistant Professor
Amelia Meman
Program Coordinator
Women’s Center
Mulcahy_CarolineCaroline Mulcahy
Operations Manager
Performing Arts and Humanities Building
Murphy_JulieJulie Murphy
Senior Lecturer
Meyers_JessJess Myers
Women’s Center

Nkiru Nnawulezi
Assistant Professor
DW Rowlands
Visiting Lecturer
Rubin_AnnaAnna Rubin
Associate Professor
Schiffman_DarianDarian Schiffman
Academic Advisor
Scully_PatPatricia Scully
Associate Professor
SaraShannonSara Shannon
HR Benefits Specialist
Department of Human Resources 

Vicki Sipe

Head of Bibliographic and Metadata Services

Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery
Smalls_JamesJames Smalls

Visual Arts
Liz Stanwyck

Mathematics and Statistics
Suri_Manil Manil Suri

Mathematics and Statistics
Trusz_Elle Elle Trusz
Business Specialist 

Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (MIPAR)
Turcios_Carlos Carlos Turcios
Program Associate for Diversity and Inclusion 

Mosaic Center
 Rubin_AnnaAdrienne Wheeler
Program Admin. Spec.
Student Conduct and Community Standards
Wiechelt_Shelly Shelly Wiechelt
Associate Professor
Social Work
Wimberly_RachelRachel Wimberly

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
Young_Margo_2Margo Young
Business Manager

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology /
Goddard Planetary Heliophysics Institute