College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Women’s Faculty Network

The mission of the CAHSS Women’s Faculty Network is to promote and support experiences of women faculty members at UMBC. The CAHSS Women’s Faculty Network is open to all faculty regardless of their sex or gender who are committed to supporting women faculty members at UMBC.

This broad goal encompasses the following specific aims:
1.     Support and facilitate mentorship for women faculty.
2.     Advance recruitment, retention and promotion of women faculty.
3.     Promote women faculty’s visibility and concerns on campus.
4.     Amplify and publicize women faculty’s work and diversity on and beyond campus.
5.     Promote the reflection of women’s experiences university-wide through the curriculum.
6.     Support and coordinate with UMBC departments, programs, initiatives, and organizations related to recruitment, retention, graduation rates, and the campus experiences of women students.

For more information, please contact the network co-Chairs.



Dr. Michelle Scott (                             Dr. Kate Drabinski (