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STRIDE Activities

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UMBC-STRIDE provides a range of targeted services to the UMBC campus community including:

Focused Conversations 

Through the academic year, STRIDE hosts a series of focused conversations that are open to the entire campus community. During these sessions, STRIDE fellows facilitate highly interactive activities and conversations among our peers to collectively strategize actions we can take to improve diversity and inclusion. 

  • Recruitment Series 
    • Developing an Effective Diversity Hiring Recruitment Plan
    • Creating Shared Evaluation Criteria
    • Best Practices for Inclusive  Application Review
    • Best Practices for Inclusive Interviewing and Selection
    • Best Practices for Welcoming New Faculty
  • Retention Series 
    • Best Practices for Inclusive Mentoring

Department/Search Committee Consultations 

In these more targeted sessions, STRIDE works with search committees and department to strategize actions to improve diversity and inclusion primarily in the recruitment process. Examples include, strategizing an active recruitment plan, developing an inclusive job advertisement, formulating evaluation criteria, creating inclusive interview protocols and processes. 

  • AY 15-16, 3 Consultations
  • AY 16-17, 13 Consultations
  • AY 17-18, 20 Consultations
  • AY 18-19, 13 Consultations


For questions about STRIDE or to request a consultation, contact:

Autumn M. Reed

Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs 

410-455-1099 or