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Meet with UMBC Faculty from Search Committees at SREB 2016

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UMBC is pleased to announce that representatives from current faculty searches will be at SREB 2016 in Tampa, Florida and will be available to meet one-on-one with prospective candidates on Friday, October 28th and Saturday, October 29th. Please visit our table at the conference (#38) and click the link above to sign up for your meeting.

Faculty from the following search will be available to meet with you:

Biological Sciences, Microbial Genetics and Biochemistry, Assistant ProfessorDr. Kevin Omland, Professor

KevinOHeadshotRavenBackgroundSun (1)

Mathematics and Statistics Applied Mathematics, Assistant ProfessorDr. Kathleen Hoffman, Professor


Information Systems Big Data Science (2 positions), Assistant Professor and Artificial Intelligence/Knowledge Management, Assistant ProfessorDr. Andrea Kleinsmith, Assistant Professor


Physics, Computational Condensed-Matter or Materials Physics, Assistant Professor-Dr. Terrance Worchesky, Associate Professor



Geography and Environmental Systems, Upcoming Openings, Assistant Professor-Dr. David Lansing, Assistant Professor