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Joel Morris

morrisProfessor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering

Research focus is on statistical signal processing with a current focus on: Mid-IR gas detection system modeling and analysis, MIMO communications and physical-layer security, Bit-error-rate performance evaluation of FEC codes via speed-enhanced importance-sampling MC methods, and RFI mitigation in spaceborne microwave radiometers. Co-authored with Y. Xin “Results on Gas Detection and Concentration Estimation via Mid-IR-based Gas Detection System Analysis Model” in IEEE Sensors Journal (July 2012). Recently awarded patents #7,899,650 and #8,144,757 B2. Student mentor and advisor to Meyerhoff and McNair scholars. Faculty participant in the UMBC chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, the PROMISE and Graduate Horizons programs, and Talented Afro-American and Hispanic Students recruitment.

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