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Gymama Slaughter

GymamaAssociate Professor of Computer Engineering
Research focus is on the development of nanoelectrode arrays (NEAs) technology capable of acquiring simultaneous extracellular and intracellular recording of neural activity. The NEAs have the potential to transform the role of technology in understanding brain functioning via monitoring of neuropotentials in people with neurological disorders. Other research areas include energy harvesting of the biochemical energy to power small electronic devices, wireless implantable glucose biosensors and drug delivery devices. Received an NSF grant to developed non-invasive high resolution neural interfaces to replace the current microelectrode array technologies used in restoring lost neurological function in people with neurological disorders. Author of the forthcoming book chapter “Improving the Biocompatibility of Implantable Bioelectronics Devices” in Implantable Bioelectronics – Devices, Materials and Applications. Member of the Faculty Affairs committee and member of the CWIT. Mentors two Meyerhoff scholars and four computer engineering T-SITE scholars.

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